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PSA: Arakawa Rants

Okay, if you call my music crap, then play an MML you found on the internet that I clearly made and posted 5 years ago and proceed to tell me that I didn’t make it,

I’m going to call you out until you realize what a jerk you are and fix yourself.


Excuse you. Do you know how much effort we put into arranging MML codes just so you could play music? Do you know how much trial and error we had to go through to make a song sound at least decent?

"U MAD?"

Clearly. Did you need to point it out? Troll or not, all that tells me is that you’re probably 12 and you need to be outside at the park with the other kids. 

"It’s just a game!"

Then all your ‘friends’ are NPCs and you’ve just been playing with yourself the entire time. Again, might I remind you that you should be playing with the other kids outside. On the off chance that you aren’t 12, I want you to think that statement over.

"My opinion was that I didn’t like the song."

Uh, no. You said that it was crap. In all caps.

"What do u want me to do? Say ur awsome? ur cool?"

No. I want you to take back what you said and never call other people’s works crap. Did you spend hours making music codes for people to play/art pieces for people to admire? If not, then you have no right to judge.

TLDR; If you are an asshole to me or anyone I know, I’m going to clean you up like the scum you are.

Doing the stalk again

I was actually standing here



Bought my Cressida today!! The Holy Water Business is truly paying off.

I originally put it on w/ the Rubber Goggles — kinda like Ara does, but it just doesn’t.. fit, Syphy? Or it just makes me feel like I’m copying waaah.




Do it

Do the thing


I’ll be playing on Mari tonight~~~ Come join the fun because i’m a total noob and I’ll be hangin with peeps today~~

~ itsumonkisu [Ruairi/Mari]

Me too >:V

New Day, New School

He hopes sempai will notice him

Non-Mabi stream~ ▷


Working on some side projects~


Anonymous whispered:
can you tell me the cressida's set effects, just out of curiousity please :3

1/1/2 >:V

So some guy wanted to buy both my Cressida and my shoes.

'Scuse me buddy my shop's right here and I'm not selling anything outside of that bag.